We’re Engaged in an Experiment

Nourish is a Grand Rapids area experiment in organic, diverse, authentic community.

Nourish aims to revive the tradition of the Salon – ongoing intellectual and social gatherings aimed at discussion, friendship, and culture and community building.

Our activities revolve around three things:

Nourishing the Mind – we discuss ideas, read books and articles together, and engage the issues of culture, religion, politics, and the local community.

Nourishing the Body – food is always involved whether it’s a group dinner or just appetizers and drinks while we talk.

Nourishing Friendships – we socialize, meet new people, and make new friends.

Nourish provides a forum for exploring themes of meaning from diverse perspectives, while also having fun and getting to know one another.

We’re committed to keeping things simplemeaningful, and welcoming.

Authentic community is possible, but it requires space. Nourish offers that space. A space to be, to connect, and to engage with others and ideas.

We’re changing our local communities one meal, one conversation at a time.

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